I’m Just a Bow.

I’m Just a Bow,

At the moment, I am reading a fun book, Everyday Parables by James Taylor.   Taylor uses door hinges and CD players to connect our faith to our lives. Jesus told parables to teach about God. He used the mustard seed to explain that whatever amount of faith we have is enough. He told the story of the lost coin to show us God’s willingness to search for us when we get lost, and God’s joy and celebration when we’re found. Here is my effort at an everyday parable.

On my desk sits my birthday gift for my granddaughter. I’ve wrapped it with love in pretty paper, adding one of those colourful, curly, dollar store bows to the top. The bow makes the package look inviting and fun.

We Christians can be like the bows on gift packages. Our goal is to be inviting and fun as we point to God’s love for each and every person. We are not the gift nor the giver. God is. In fact, I know that my granddaughter may admire the bow, but she will set it aside in order to open the package and receive the gift. She might save it though, to be used again on another gift.

Our goal as Christians is to be like that bow. We, too, will probably be set aside after we invite someone to join us at church, to believe, to experience God’s  comfort and strength. We want the person to receive God’s gift of the Good News of Jesus. Hopefully, God will give us many opportunities to be reused again and again as we continue to sparkle with the beauty and wonder of our faith.

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  • Betty Lou
    January 27, 2021 - 4:52 pm · Reply

    “I’m Just A Bow” – it is so important to show joy & warmth to others you are inviting to join you at your Church. People love to be part of a meaningful fun relationship with our God.

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