“It’s only an inch.”

Selling my books, “Spectacular Stella” and “Can I Hold Him?” has given me a new perspective on the attitude towards faith of many in today’s society. I sit at a bookstore or a craft show and watch people as they walk by. Some, have been browing at each table as they come along. When they get to mine, where the Christmas poster, the nativity scene and the shining star on the front of “Can I Hold Him, all say clearly that these books are about God, they turn their eyes away and walk by quickly. Others have the courage to pick up my books and leaf through them. As soon as their eyes light on the word God, they carefully close the book and set it down as if … I’m not sure. I know that many who have had no connection with religion or faith, except for what they read or hear in the news media, are afraid. That’s it. They’re afraid that somehow they’ll be contaminated. Yet, these same people see books loaded with violence, and descriptions of evil beings causing havoc and they willingly reach out to buy. What is it about faith that frightens people?

I wonder if they are afraid that touching, reading, learning about faith will mean changes in their lives. They don’t believe that God exists. They don’t believe in any of that hocus pocus about religion, but still they are afraid. And well they should be. My experience has taught me one sure thing about God. If I give God an inch, God will change my life. For me, those changes have been wonderful. As my faith has grown more and more solid my security and inner peace has blossomed. My participation in a church family has given me friendship and support. Yes, life is different since I risked being contaminated by religion. I know that whatever happens I am never alone. I can draw on God’s strength to face my troubles, and God’s wisdom in making decisions. I am not alone and I am grateful. Yes, one day long ago, I gave God an inch, and God has given me abundant life.

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