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I have not been politically active since I was a young mother in 1971, but for this coming election, I feel that it is doubly important that all of us be educated voters. We’re only two days into this campaign. Most of what we are hearing is the party leaders slamming each other. Personally, I am more interested in a party policies than what the other guy did, especially when the policy pertains to saving our environment.

Yesterday, I received an email sent out by Clayton Thomas Muller, a First Nations environmental activist. He has compiled a list of thirteen candidates that he and his supporters have investigated and found to be truly willing to deal with the climate crisis. He says they are “bold leaders who will take risks, organize fellow Members of Parliament, and work across party lines to tackle the climate emergency. And, they’re running grassroots campaigns connected to movements in their communities.” I wondered if this was a “Green Party advertisement,” so I followed the link provided. I was surprised to discover that there were two parties represented among these candidates who want to save our planet. Here is the link for you to see for yourself.  Here’s our list of candidates from across the country who will champion a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

For me, the main message of Mr. Clayton Thomas Muller is to teach us to be politically knowledgeable voters. His group are encouraging other independent sources to document and publicly identify any other candidates worthily committed in a similar manner to the environmental cause. 

Here is my hope: that both you and I will take some time during this election campaign to check out all of our local candidates. Are they aware that our earth is in crisis? Are they willing to work across party lines to deal with this crisis?  As voters, we need to let go of party loyalty. We must each award our vote to the candidate who will stop the squabbling, the put downs. We need representatives who will get down to the business of leading us to maintaining our beautiful world. We need representatives that will put people first, rather than influential corporate interests. We need representatives who are courageous enough to listen and debate in parliament rather than yell, and mock, and oppose on principle. There must be more than thirteen candidates across this country who truly care.

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