Joy! Joy! Joy!

Hello to all my subscribers and followers,

Today is April 23rd – my 76th birthday. God’s brilliant sunshine is pouring in my windows and lighting up my soul. In the midst of this Covid 19 lock down, I feel good. More than good, my heart is singing with thanksgiving. My blessings abound. The list is so long. God’s extravagant love surrounds me. For some reason known only to God, the darkness of the last couple of months has dissipated at least for today and this moment.

I woke with a little less pain, feeling as if I had slept well. That alone is a fabulous gift. But God’s abundance is extravagant. God’s blessings abound. Where do I begin? Do you even want to hear? I will list them with hope that my list will trigger in you a consciousness of the blessings in your life.

  1. I am surrounded by the love of family and friends both near and far. In this time of separation I am connecting more often with the people I love. We call and talk. We visit occasionally with six feet distance between. Yes the hugs are missing and yet, we’re taking the time for connection. I guess that is the key. We love one another but usually we’re so busy we can leave out the actual connection. Right now in the midst of Covid 19, we are making an extra effort to feel the plight of others, to be aware of the needs of others. Today I am grateful not just for the circle of love in which I live but for the endless circles of love that span the earth and my part in that loving.
  2. In our Covid 19 bubble we literally have new life to cuddle and hug everyday. Now that won’t be everyone’s blessing but it will be for a few of you. Babies are born every day. Our tiny Riley, is our special gift from God. No matter how gruesome the world can be, we have among us God’s promise, God’s potential for a world of peace. Last night as I held our Riley,  felt the warmth of his fragile yet amazingly strong body, experienced the love not just from within my own heart but from his parents, my Tom , our entire family, I knew God’s promise. All will be well. God loves us.
  3. Yesterday I signed up for a writing course – 4 evenings of 2 ½ hours on the internet learning how to write my memoirs. The importance of this course does not lie in what I write or don’t write. The value, the amazing gift of this course, is that at the age of 76, I can learn something new. I can risk stepping out yet again and this time offering my personal story. God creates us with potential when we are first born and that is fabulous. For me, in what many would call “ in my old age”, I still have the courage and the ability to say yes to God’s leading. Learning and living are one. I may still be physically alive with all my aches and pains. Today I know I am still alive in my heart and soul and mind.

These are just three of the extravagant blessings in my life. I suggest to you today that you turn your face to God’s Son/sun, and accept the resurrection, the new life that Easter brings. In this country, this province, this place we live we are surrounded by abundance. Yes there is darkness and strife. Yes, we can list our aches and pains, our hurts, the devastation around us. For today, count your blessings. Live the love and joy that God has given you. Thanks be to God.

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    • Janet Stobie
      July 22, 2020 - 2:23 am · Reply

      Thanks for the birthday wishes Christine. I’m finally looking at all the comments. I thought they would come to my inbox. Instead I found them sitting here awaiting my approval. Hope all is well with you during this pandemic.

  • Jan Stobie
    April 24, 2020 - 3:23 pm · Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday. Jan, you are a blessing to me & everyone who reads your blog. You bring something out of us that makes us remember we too have many blessings in this time of Pandemic. Thank you and enjoy your family and your new adventure with your writing. Betty Lou

    • Janet Stobie
      July 22, 2020 - 2:22 am · Reply

      Hi Betty Lou. Thanks for the kind words. You are a wonderful support to all you come in contact with. Maybe we will be able to meet for lunch again soon on a patio somewhere.

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