Let’s Become the New Life of Easter

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We Can Do It!

Over the last few years, fire has become a frightening enemy to our world’s forests, destroying thousands of acres of trees.. We know that trees are essential for continued life on this planet. We love their beauty. We breathe in the oxygen they provide. We sit in their shade and give thanks for their protection from the sun and so much more.

It takes only a few weeks before beautiful green seedlings rise up amidst the blackened stumps. New life comes. It cannot be stopped.

This natural phenomenon illustrates to me our Christian Easter story. Jesus is a great teacher and healer for many world faiths. We Christians believe Jesus was God, with us in human form. This man who taught love, forgiveness, acceptance of all people was destroyed. Our Christian story tells us that after just three days, some saw Jesus, experienced once again his love. Two thousand years later, after repeated attempts to destroy his message, his presence in this world, his life continues in the belief of Christians everywhere.


This is my faith, my hope for this Easter season, amidst the forest fire of Covid 19. The pandemic has brought death, illness and much suffering, physical, economic and emotional. Still we see signs of new life everywhere. Vaccines are coming. Already, recovery of the environment is gaining attention after centuries of destruction. The sprouts of good deeds and caring have sprung up everywhere. So many in our world are co-operating with the Covid protocols in order to keep us all safe. World leaders are actually working together as never before.

This tells me that we can trust our Christian story. We can trust that still today God is at work bringing new life to our world. Simply open your eyes and receive the surprises that are creeping in around your pain. The world is being transformed. Ripples of love and caring are rolling out across the world.

Let’s join with those ripples. In some new way, let’s become the new life of Easter. Let’s think beyond chocolate and Easter bunnies. We can participate in a new experience of kindness and acceptance. Let’s be the Jesus of the resurrection in our community? We can give thanks to God for every opportunity. Remember, that nothing, not even cruelty and death can defeat God’s will for new life and love. Thanks Be to God.


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