Let’s Give Thanks for God’s Gift of Faith.

Let’s Give Thanks for God’s Gift of Faith

by Janet Stobie
Let's go to church together.
Let’s go to church together.

Sunday, we celebrate thanksgiving. This year I am particularly grateful that God has blessed me with the gift of faith and a husband who joins me in that faith.

Over the years in my role as pastor, I encountered many couples for whom only one lived a life of faith. When we’re young and in love, we think this difference won’t matter, but it does. As our lives unfold, this difference can become a thorn. When we are blessed with children, that faithful member wants the child baptized and brought to Sunday School. Teaching the faith without your partner’s help, even sometimes with your partner’s opposition, is a very lonely process.

When tough times come, faith offers the strength not only to survive, but to grow through the pain. The knowledge that God is with me, I am not alone has carried me through tragedy, and severe illness. I seek God’s wisdom when I have decisions to make. Having a partner walking this path with me is wonderful. Tom keeps me on track when my steps falter.

Tom and I enjoy participating in the work of our church family. Together we decide how much of our time, our energy and our resources will be given to our church. We carry the same faith message to our friends and our family. It’s wonderful to pull together as a team. As we age and our relationship deepens and grows, our faith has deepened and grown as well.

This week, when you count your blessings, give thanks for your faith. If that faith is shared with your partner, know that you have received a special blessing. If you don’t believe, give thanks for those who do.

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” (2Timothy 1:5)

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