Let’s Take the Plunge

Let’s Take the Plunge.

Christmas Day is over, but for Christians, the celebration is truly just beginning. The Good News of God’s presence in the world is a miracle. We have stories of the wonder of creation that take our breath away. Whether it’s a beautiful snow-covered landscape sparkling in the sun, or the sacredness of holding a new born child, we know that God is at the source of all beauty, love, peace. We’d like to tell the world, but it’s embarrassing and scary to speak about faith in God.

We see the judgment in people’s eyes. We feel the skepticism, mockery, disgust. Pushing past those feelings to offer the comfort of prayer when someone is hurting takes great courage and determination. It’s so much easier just to give a hug, then go home and pray. For me, Christmas helps me to feel more confident in speaking of my faith. I watch the generosity of people as they drop dollars in the Salvation Army buckets. Their sharing encourages me to take the plunge and risk sharing. Now the season has passed. Do I have to wait ’til next Christmas?

It’s January, the beginning of another year. Maybe now is the time for risk. After all, in today’s world where some are willing to risk being openly racist, surely we can risk being openly faithful. After all, what we are doing is telling stories; stories that let our faith shine. Our job is not to tell others how to think or act. Our job is to share that God is with us, giving us comfort and courage in the tough times, celebrating with us in our joy. We can speak of our alternative lifestyle. We do not live alone. We know God’s presence within our hearts and through our church family. Maybe if others see and hear us, they might just get curious. They might ask questions, like what is this Christian faith thing all about? Once the questions begin, sharing our faith becomes easier.

Give it a try. Own up to your faith in 2019. Enjoy the difference it makes for you and for others.

God said, “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.” (Deuteronmy 11:18)


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