Life Hack for Easter

This morning as I was preparing great grandson Riley’s Easter treats, Tom suggested I do a blog called Life Hack for Easter. I had never heard of “Life Hacks”. I now know that they are suggestions for using something ordinary in an unusual way. I’m not sure if this is particularly unusual for most people but it is for me. Over the years, my kids have teased me about giving them underwear as the biggest part of their Easter treat and their Christmas Stocking. For our little family, money was very scarce. Most gifts were very practical. Consequently, I chose these two instances as opportunities to fill their need for underwear. I’m always quick to assure them that there were always at least one special treat in both their Christmas stockings and their Easter treats.

This year, as I fixed Riley’s Easter basket, I was motivated to change my style. Money constrictions are not nearly so tight. This year the limit is placed by Riley’s parents and their rules for treats. We love our great grandson. We looked at all the Easter chocolate treats in every store and wondered what we could do to fill an Easter basket for our bouncing two year old without candy.

He loves fruit, particularly oranges, bananas, and berries. Tom suggested we fill some plastic eggs with his favourite fruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. I topped it up with his other two favourites, oranges and bananas.

We purchased a neat gnome basket and a cuddly little teddy to complete the gift. We can picture his big smile as he opens each egg and is surprised by his favourite treats.

In our Western society today, where we struggle with childhood obesity, this type of Easter basket feels much more life giving and scriptural. God has given us beautiful bodies and the responsibility to care for them. I’m sure Riley’s teeth as well as his entire body including his tastebuds will enjoy our creation and give thanks.

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