Listen to Your Life

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I picked up Fred Buechner’s book, “Listen to your life.” The title jerked me awake. What does it mean – listen to your life? What would I hear, if I actually stopped and listened? The question stayed with me all day.
I went to church as I do every Sunday. As a member of the choir, I sang a bouncy African song. “Lift your voices to God with singing! Praise the Lord with a joyful song!” Smiles broke out in the congregation. Their applause was enthusiastic. As part of the choir, I had brought a moment of joy to a group of people. I liked that. Listening to my life is fun, I thought.
After the service, I talked with friends, young and old. They were concerned about the back pain I have been experiencing. Once again, I listened to my life and heard about the importance of relationships and caring. That felt good, too.
Sunday evening, along with two friends, I attended a fundraiser for “A Place Called Home”, Lindsay’s shelter for the homeless. Yes, I thought, I’m glad I want to care for others.
On that one day, I listened to my life and liked what I heard. That isn’t always the case. There are days when I hear only my mistakes, my disappointments. Sometimes I hear anger or judgment or apathy. Often I am so busy, I don’t know what I have said or thought or done. I don’t know what needs to be changed, who needs to be cared for, or what I can celebrate.
As a Christian I believe that God loves each human being in this world. I believe God is present with us every moment of our lives. When we pay attention to each moment, stop and think about our day, listen for God, we can hear and know God’s presence, God’s purpose, God’s love. Listen carefully and you will hear the Spirit working in your life.

Jesus said, “I am with you always, even onto the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

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