Making Memories

Making Memories

Ever since my daughter became a mother she has valued making memories. Long before “being in the moment “ became fashionable, I remember her saying, “This day is special. The kids will remember this.” It didn’t seem to matter whether we were on a trip to the zoo or tobogganing down the little hill in their front yard, or visits with family, my daughter’s comment was, “the kids will remember this. We’re making great memories for them.”

Eventually, I heard myself saying, “When I’m old and sitting in my rocking chair I too will remember this moment. Already, I savour a lifetime of wonderful memories starting with my parents, my children, my grandchildren. And the making of sacred memories is not yet over. Every day great-grandson, Riley gives me yet another precious memory.

In our Christmas story, Luke ends the telling of Jesus’ birth with the shepherd’s visit to the manger, and these words, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” By her example, Mary gives us a lesson in joyous living.

Open your eyes and heart and take in the beauty, the wonder and mystery of life. These moments are not always what we would call perfect. Mary was far from family, her baby born in a stable, yet she heard the shepherd’s story of angel messengers bringing the most wonderful message. “A child is born who will bring joy and peace and love and hope to the world.

Once again we are surrounded by Covid restrictions. Still there are and will be sacred moments, the making of precious memories. Our job will be to notice, to recognize the God moments as they happen. Tonight our granddaughter brought me flowers and some for her mom. She’s twenty in January. Busy with university and a career-stream part time job, she volunteered to get groceries for Tom and me and brought home flowers. She sat down with us and told stories about work. Her joy, her maturity, her wonderful loving being, spilled forth. The time was sacred.

I say, thank you God, for the fantastic, stupendous, lovely memories you have given me through my family. I am truly blessed. I look forward to the abundance continuing in 2022. Keep your eyes and heart open. You, too, have that abundance.

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  • Mary-Margaret Boone
    December 30, 2021 - 11:48 pm · Reply

    But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Thank you for making me think of this in a new and poignant way!

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