In today’s world we are obsessed with capturing our life in photos. Our cell phones allow us to record every moment. Sometimes we risk our lives to create special selfies in unusual places or situations. We post it all for the world to see on Facebook, Snapchat and a host of other social media. At times we are so busy getting the picture that we miss the special moment altogether.

Our son Brad and his family often give us framed family photos as gifts. Last month we received an empty frame with the word Memories written in large letters under where the picture will be. Somehow in the midst of our chaotic household that frame was placed on top of our living room bookshelf. Today as I think about Father’s Day that photo frame stares down at me.

We all have memories of Dad. Some good, some not so good, some missing totally. I believe that God has organized the world so that we can be in families, with two parents, one of which fills the role of Dad. Over the last fifty years, Dad’s role has grown from being the primary wage earner and disciplinarian to that of team member sharing most tasks child rearing, household chores, wage earning.

Traditionally children look to their father figure as a role model for so much of life. It’s wonderful to hear the stories as teens and adult children browse through a photo album. Memories of Dad taking them fishing, skiing…  Memories of Dad taking charge at home when Mom was sick or away. Stories of Dad building play houses with them, beating them at crokinole, or helping with the Christmas pageant at church warm our hearts.

Dad’s role is critical in a child’s life. This year for father’s day, take the time to share your loving memories of Dad. Give thanks to God for his life and love. Remember a traditional name for God is Father. Christians have known since the beginning of time that Father is a valuable member of the family unit. Maybe this year we will fill our memory frame with a group picture of the Dad’s in our household and we will give thanks to God.

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