Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning

Today, I am blessed once again with a beautiful quiet hour before the busy day begins. Thank you, God for waking me, calling me, to spend time in prayer. I offer all of you and all my readers, my thoughts this morning.

As many have said before, Jesus’ birth was not announced by royal trumpets. None of that society’s kings, emperors or government officials were present. Yet, God came and not silently. God came with the cries of a mother at birth, experiencing the pain and work of new life. Shepherds, society’s outcasts came to celebrate. They heard the angel’s voices – the heavenly trumpets.

This morning and every morning, God comes to us again. As I ponder the events of yesterday, these are my experiences of God’s presence. God started early by reminding me through Tom that I intended to give away two copies of my novel To Begin Again.  I saw God smile, on the face of the person who received them. God came to me in the quiet request of a beggar on the street downtown. I offered all my change, maybe five dollars and the plea, please use it for food not drugs. I could feel God groan. Leftovers given begrudgingly, I thought. God came again in the greeting of the Salvation Army band at the mall. This time God nodded as I responded with money for their bucket and words of gratitude to one of the musicians. God reached out and touched my heart yet again in the grocery store. A teenager voluntarily helped me with my groceries. I responded with smiles and thankyou’s, and words of joy to the check out clerk. This time I felt God’s joy. And the list goes on. All day yesterday, it seemed that God was with me. The culmination of my joy and God’s came as I sat with my daughter and grandchildren and Tom at the Christmas Eve service and then enjoyed food and fellowship at home with good friends.

There was so much more yesterday. Blessings rained down on me, warmed my heart all day. They weren’t huge. The blessing was that yesterday, even in the noise and rush of the crowds around me, in the multitude of tasks, I didn’t miss God’s presence with me.

Today, on this most holy day, take a moment to step into the shoes of Mary the mother of Jesus, ponder in your heart the times you have experienced God’s presence over the last week. Open your heart to God’s visit today. Whether you’re in the midst of deep sadness and fear or surrounded by celebration and love – remember the miracle of God’s presence is with you. Like the shepherds, listen for the angel’s song of joy. It’s Jesus’ birthday. Give thanks.


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