Micro Loans in Developing Countries

Tom and I are involved in KIVA as a way of sharing our many blessings. You may not know about KIVA as a charitable organization that makes microloans to people in developing countries. Here is the web address https://www.kiva.org/about to find information about it. We have loaned $25 to Isata, a woman who has a business selling tools in Sierra Leone. Here is the website about her


We wondered if any of my subscribing friends would be interested in contributing towards Isata’s loan or finding another person they would like to invest in. It’s a fun way to help others. My friend, Nancy loaned $25 several years ago. It has been paid back and loaned out again several times. Over the years, Nancy’s $25 has been used many times and has added up to $600 in borrowing power. It’s fun to see your loan paid back and relend it.


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