Miracles for 2023

image by Mike Goed from Pixabay

She flew in and nestled her plump breast down into the snow piled onto our deck railing. Through the sliding doors, I watched her as she watched me. Each of us wary. Her eyes darted back and forth ensuring safety. For those few moments we were alone together. I sat motionless not wanting to frighten her.

Our eyes met and caught for only a second. She blinked. It was barely a whisper of movement. Yet, I saw it. I actually saw her tiny black dot of pupil disappear for one thousandth of a second. Realization dawned. For the first time ever I was watching a bird in the wild blink.

Awe and gratitude flooded into my heart once again. The miracle gift of cataract surgery nine months before has restored my vision, no, given me new eyes. As I watched this peaceful mourning dove, once again I gave thanks for the miracle of modern medicine and the blessing of Canada’s universal medicare.

2023, a new year has come, another year of busyness, worry, joy, fear and so much more. I want this year to be filled with gratitude every single day. What can I do to keep myself aware of the phenomenal wonder and joy of life?

I will make a three by five inch sign containing the single word – MIRACLE. It might be elaborate – shiny paper, fancy sticker letters and pictures or maybe just the words written with a black market on a white index card. Whatever. I will make a MIRACLE sign for my fridge. Every day, every time I open my fridge door, I will remember, I am truly blessed. I have been given the miracle of sight. This gentle reminder could draw my heart to notice the simple miracles that surround me each day – the sound of our great grandson’s laughter, the sun glistening on the snow, a parking place close to the doctor’s office, neighbours who clear snow from our driveway, and so much more.

This will be my New Year’s Resolution for 2023. I recommend it for you as well.



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