Moments of Joy Aug. 7

New Friends
New Friends

Breakfast on the deck, brilliant sunshine, just the two of us, feeling relaxed and pretty well ready to travel. We’ve had lots of these breakfasts this summer. Today was especially sweet because we knew that the odds were, it might not be warm enough for early morning breakfasts when we return home.

As we left the driveway, I called Connie to say one last goodbye to the family, even though we said goodbye yesterday. I couldn’t hear her. God was nudging me. I had forgotten my hearing aids. I didn’t want to spend the holiday struggling to hear. Tom reacted: “Five blocks from home is the best time to realize you’ve forgotten something.” With that, he turned around and drove home. We lost only five minutes. I was truly grateful for God’s reminder and Tom’s ability to be patient: a moment of Joy.

As he drove, we listened to Ben Heppner’s “Backstage,” on CBC Radio Two. The theme of the show was flying. How much more appropriate could that be? As I drank my tea, the music caressed my ears. I am not always able to share Tom’s taste in classical music. Mr. Heppner notwithstanding, I find opera difficult. His music and stories brought the joy of flight into my soul. I gave thanks to God and to Tom and to Ben Heppner for his choice of theme.

At the airport, we unloaded the car and waved goodbye to Tom’s brother Bob. Turned out Tom had stopped at the opposite end of departures from KLM airlines. No problem, one free cart and we were fine. As we waited at the KLM desk to check luggage, we met a lovely couple, also toting Scenic Cruise backpacks, who had travelled far and wide for over forty years. Our conversation was lively and fun as we got to know one another. Together, we faced the challenge of getting our computerised baggage tags. In time, we all enjoyed success as the machine eventually spit out our essential adhesive printouts. Fastening them onto our luggage required more conversation. An hour later, our bags checked in, it was already two o’clock. We were hungry. Together, we breezed through security and headed for the food court restaurants. Sometimes, age has its advantages. We had hoped to meet some friendly people on the cruise ship. This couple felt like God’s special blessing. We enjoyed our time together waiting. They are leaving tomorrow on a seven day cruise, so we will not have the opportunity to build on this new friendship. I did share my card. We may connect again over my books.

The airplane blessed us yet again. The couple beside us also had Scenic backpacks. Once again, their ship will leave Amsterdam tomorrow. For the length of the flight, we shared our struggles with movie technology, our supper-time, and some general conversation. Already, this trip is full of great people.

Today offered one more joyful moment: supper on the plane. I took a picture. Roast beef on rice or vegetarian pasta with a warm roll, chocolate cake, wine and tea. It was delicious, and included in our ticket. Wow, it’s been a long time since I have experienced meals provided on the plane. Think I’ll fly KLM more often.

If today is an example of the joy available on this trip, we have lots to anticipate. God is good to us.


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