Motherhood/Family YaY!!!!

Motherhood/Family  Yay!!!!

Mother’s Day is coming. Being a Mom is a special privilege, although at times it can feel all consuming, and full of worry. Always, it’s a life sentence. No one gets to be a mom for just a little while. Even when our blessed child leaves us through a miscarriage, or childhood death, or suicide, or illness, or whatever, we do not stop being a Mom. Once we’ve become pregnant, given birth or adopted a child, we are a Mom forever.

That’s good, but it’s also hard. For me, being Mom requires immense patience, love, courage, and strength especially once our children are grown. Why?

When they were little, their problems were manageable. A skinned knee required a bandaid, a hug and a kiss. For preteens, I remember helping with homework, hours watching their sports, gasping when injuries happen.  When relationship difficulties came, I wished there was a bandaid for emotional pain. Sometimes hugs helped. Certainly, listening made a difference.

Parents of adult children are mostly spectators. To let them fly on their own is the hardest stage of all. Oh, sometimes we are included. Sometimes, we’re even asked for advice. But mostly we watch. They’ve reached the point of making their own decisions, sometimes wise, sometimes not. Our job has become mostly being a loving presence and support. Even though my children are now in their fifties, and have proven their wisdom and strength, there are still times when I wish I could pick them up, wash their abrasions, and plaster on a bandaid. That isn’t my role anymore. Instead, we have a two way relationship, watching, loving and trusting that all will be well.

Over the years, my three adult children have given me so much more than  wonderful grandchildren and a great-grandchild. They’ve given me their intentional love and care that is precious beyond any wealth. As I live through my late seventies, I am very happy that motherhood is a “life sentence.” Aches and pains now limit my activities. It is a true blessing to know that those little people who grew into mature, loving adults are on my side. They pick me up when aging becomes emotionally tough, ready to remind me that I am precious and loved.

God definitely was wise with the creation of families. This Mother’s Day, I suggest that you join me in celebrating love of family. Dust off your memories and savour them even the trials and challenges. You and I are truly blessed.

Tell God, from the depth of your heart, “Thank you, that I am living the privilege of being a Mom.”

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