Mother’s, at Their Best, Are God’s Show and Tell.

My teenage granddaughter, made her mom a teapot for mother’s day in art class. On the way back to her locker with her precious gift, she dropped the pot and chipped it. Now it will hold a plant but not tea. I can only imagine the frustration my granddaughter is feeling. There is nothing I can say, that will help. What I know is that her mom, like me will treasure that tea pot,  with it’s chip. Her mom knows the courage and love required to
give a gift that you make yourself, especially when you are a teenager. A chip only adds to it’s beauty.

This brings to me some understanding of God’s love. Many of us are chipped by life. We have done foolish things, and sometimes even cruel things that brought ourselves and our loved ones misery. Even our apathy at times has created chips in our hearts. There are also the chips in our hearts caused by others. Not one of us is perfect. Yet, Jesus assured us that God loves us anyway. We don’t have to be good enough. We can be blemished and yet our lives offered as a gift to God, like Ellie’s teapot are always acceptable, more than acceptable, cherished. We are God’s precious children. In today’s world where judgment abounds, understanding God’s infinite love is lifegiving.

I believe that mother’s at their best are God’s show and tell when it comes to unconditional love. For sure mother’s too have chips. They have times when they fail totally, but most mothers, most of the time love their children through all their scrapes, disappointments, failures, and mistakes. As Mothers’ Day approaches I am grateful for the love of both of my mothers. With me now, only in Spirit and memory, I celebrate Mothers’ Day with great joy. They have told me and shown me God’s love.

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