My Cover Has Arrived!!!!

My excitement is building. As I’ve said before, writing and publishing a book is much like giving birth. With the arrival of my cover file for “Breakthrough Moments”, I feel as if my birth water’s have broken. Or as this cover depicts, I’ve been in the darkness and the sun is shining through. I’m thrilled. Graphic Artist Sue Reynolds has done a superb job.

I’ve titled this short story collection “Breakthrough Moments” because it is my hope that when people read the stories they will feel God breakthrough their old understandings of the bible story’s message, and give them new insights into God’s love and acceptance. The Son will come shining through with new understandings and new actions. Sue has done a beautiful job of depicting my goal.

And this cover is simple and clear. You can’t miss the message. I love it. I hope you will love it too. Love it enough to check out the book and maybe even order it. For that’s what we have to do. We shop on line. I’ll keep you posted when the book is available and give you all the details of the virtual launch. And if you like I’m taking pre-orders now.

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