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Today the sky is blue. I think the word is cerulean. I looked it up, but it didn’t help. The sky is blue, so blue, truly blue. After driving home last night in heavy rain and wind, this beautiful blue stretches my ability to describe. The lake reflects that same blue. The water dances in the sunlight, breathtaking. Such a sky often follows a storm. Fighting the wind’s strength on my steering wheel last night, illuminated by sheet lightning, I wasn’t thinking about blue skies.


The peace and beauty of the sky today reminds me of a conversation I had with my daughter last week. I don’t remember the topic. It may have been aches and pains, or busyness. It must have been about something difficult, because I responded with something like, “Well, it’s good that we have….  I’m so grateful.”

My daughter’s answer resounds in my mind as I enjoy God’s gift of beauty this morning. She said, “That’s one of the things that I love about you, Mom. You can find something good in everything.”

With those words, Connie gave me a fabulous gift, the best gift possible. I’ve spent most of my life deliberately seeking the good in things, happenings and people. It’s not an easy road to follow. I fail all too often. Still, that is my goal. For example: On one of those very bitter cold, windy days last winter, I was wanting to lament our “miserable” Canadian climate. I drew my mind to the thought, “It’s a good thing that most of the world thinks we live in a perpetual freezer. What self-respecting dictator would want to take over Canada?” That train of thought delivered me laughter and gratitude.

I’m getting to know a lady who can’t seem to find anything good in her life. I know there is a basis in truth in her laments. Facing old age feeling alone is tough. But I can’t help but think there must be good things happening in her life as well. In fact, I know there are, but her eyes are closed to goodness. She needs new eyes for seeing. Jesus said, “Those who have eyes, let them see.” I would love to give this lady new eyes, but I don’t know how. My experience has taught me that we have a choice in what eyes we use. How do I give her the choice of joy and gratitude? I know she is God’s precious child. She has lived a long life. She must have some wonderful life stories. I will continue to try. In the meantime, she keeps me searching for the good in my own life. In her perverse way, she reminds me to be grateful when life is overwhelming. I have eyes that can see goodness and a heart that feels gratitude. I can always remind myself that I am grateful for our Canadian climate. It helps us keep safe.



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