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Hi everyone,
We’ve been enjoying the lovely hot weather in Arizona for over a week. What a total pleasure to dress in shorts first thing in the morning, and swim in an unheated outdoor pool. We look at our winter parkas, and boots, in the hotel closet and give God thanks for this wonderful opportunity to travel.
All the hotels in Wilcox were full so we just travelled on to Arizona that night nearly two weeks ago. We arrived here in the dark. Careful consideration of the road map, led us to take an exit from the interstate on the wrong side of the city. It took us nearly an hour to find the Extended Stay Hotel, mom had booked for us. We were arriving two days early, hoping for a room. God is good. The office was still open and the room booked for us was available.
It’s been busy at Mom’s ever since. I have three sisters and all of us are here at the moment. Dina lives in Tucson with her husband and children. Sharon spends the winter here with Mom. Gayle and Bruce and their daughter Tracey are here for the last week of March and the month of April as well. Dinner time is lively. I’m sure Mom is thrilled to have us all together and overwhelmed by so many around for so long. We make our breakfast at the hotel and go over late in the morning. Everyone disappears by 7:30 in the evening. Still it is a long day for Mom, who is undergoing chemo. She usually retires in the afternoon for a rest. Her sister Shirley is here as well, and sharing Mom’s bedroom in order to accommodate the crowd. Tomorrow, Sharon, Tracey and Aunt Shirley leave.
The memorial service last Wednesday, for my step father, Sam went well. The congregation and pastors at Christ Presbyterian church were amazing. Sam’s sister sings in the choir there. The choir took part in the service and were wonderful. Their pastor, Steve Melde welcomed everyone and set the tone for the service before giving leadership over to me. Many of the church members came to support Janet, and were wonderfully supportive to all of us. I’m sure Sam’s Spirit was quietly smiling during the service.
Because we all scatter in the early evening, Tom and I have been dancing almost every night. In this city, there is lots of opportunity to dance – ballroom, and country. We’ve even taken some ballroom lessons. My feet are tired but the rest of me is having a grand time. Hopefully, this week we’ll search out some dancing shoes to replace my old black ones. They’re pretty well finished. I think I should have a memorial for them. They’ve danced a lot of miles.
Enough for now. It’s time for church. We’re missing our grandchildren. I talked to Brad and Janet’s three yesterday. That helped.

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