Elizabeth Gets Her Wings

     Elizabeth is an enthusiastic angel who can’t wait to receive her wings. “Pick me!” she shouts when God needs an angel for a special job. She’s hoping she can earn wings right away. God sends Elizabeth to travel the earth seeking volunteers for a mysterious journey. She soon discovers finding volunteers is not an easy task.

     With effort and encouragement Elizabeth gathers three people and starts them on their journey. Problem is her task is not quite finished.

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Janet’s Notes

Elizabeth Gets Her Wings is a whimsical story intended to teach children about God’s love. Olivia and I had fun creating this book. Elizabeth Gets Her Wings was Olivia’s first job as an illustrator. Her creativity and originality is fantastic. As you enjoy this story with your child, I challenge you to think about what it means to be a volunteer.

Elizabeth Gets Her Wings adapts easily as a drama making it a helpful resource for Sunday School and intergenerational services. Of course it’s a great book for reading together as a family at home.


Elizabeth Gets Her Wings

My name is Elizabeth. I’m an angel. Yes, I am, even though I don’t have wings. We’re not given our wings until we’ve been in heaven 1000 years. I’ve been here only 997. I’m tired of waiting, but God keeps saying, “Have patience, Elizabeth. Your turn will come.”

This is my dog, Meggy. She’s my best friend. I’m glad she’s here in heaven with me.

Yesterday, God announced, “We need an angel for a job on earth.

“Pick me, pick me,” I shouted.

Guess what? God chose me. Now, I’ll get my wings 3 years early.

With twinkling eyes, God said, “I love you Elizabeth. Your enthusiasm is a wonderful example for others. This is your important task. I need some wise human volunteers to find my son, Jesus, after his birth, and bring him gifts.”

“I can do that. Yes, for sure I can do that.

No problem,” I said.

God smiled and nodded.

Do they get to choose the gifts?” I asked.

“No, I’ve already chosen them,” God said…

Elizabeth, an angel, waving with a group of angels


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