Spectacular Stella

Spectacular Stella is a star who gets lost, even before she knows who she is. The wind leads Stella astray and then drops her, as if she doesn’t matter at all. Stella feels abandoned, alone. As you read Stella’s story, you and your child will delight in the interaction between Stella and her new friend Angelo, the angel. Together Stella and Angelo discover that being who you are is just right. Angelo helps Stella find her way home to the night sky. Stella learns that she is not only a beautiful star, but she has a special purpose in life.

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Janet’s Notes

The illustrations for Spectacular Stella were created by Marion Hill. Her beautiful watercolours bring both Stella and Angelo to life. Stella’s story and illustrations bring a sense of peace to story time for you and your child.

This gentle story has been adapted by Sunday School teachers as a drama for their Christmas play.


Spectacular Stella

“Come, Stella, our newest baby, come play with me,” the wind whistled to the clay.
Just as I opened my eyes to the world for the first time, the wind gathered up my blanket and me, and carried us up, up, out the window and into the new day.
“Whee, this is fun!” I sang.
Without warning, the wind changed direction and dropped me. Down, down, down, I plummeted, like an injured bird. Plop! I landed in a huge pile of leaves.
“Ohhhhhh,” I gasped.

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  1. Barb Bissonette

    It was nice to meet you on Sat. I read “Spectacular Stella” to my granddaughters last night before bedtime. I asked them if they liked it. They said they didn’t like it-they LOVED it.

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