Respect! Appreciation! Needed? Yes!!!!


            This beautiful wreath hanging on my front door was made by Anne Crouse. At age ninety, Anne is a wonderful example of living life every day. Her church community is important to her, so she made this wreath for the silent auction at Bridgenorth United. I was blessed to have the highest bid. I was also blessed to visit Anne to pick it up. At the auction she asked if she could take it back home and finish it. “Just a couple of touches,” she said. It was gorgeous as it was, displayed on the table at the church. Still, I agreed. Wednesday, I drove to Anne’s home to pick it up. I’m so glad. My conversation with Anne was fun. I got to know her a little and was amazed at her energy and commitment. As we talked, I was reminded that appreciation is so important. Anne had worked hard on that wreath. A lifetime of skill went into its creation. She glowed when she received my thanks, my praise, my respect, my joy.

I find selling my books difficult. I love writing the stories and actually creating the books. Selling? Not so much. What keeps me at it? First and foremost, it is my ministry. Writing fulfills God’s call to me. God’s message goes nowhere when the books sit in boxes in my furnace room. Selling, too, is part of God’s call.

Spending a long day behind a table is hard work for me. Greeting strangers, showing them my books and asking them to share in my labour of love is a big risk. What makes the exercise easier, and often even fun, is the appreciation, the joy, the respect, I receive. I love it when someone stops to say, “I have your first novel. It’s wonderful. I’ll buy the second one.” Or “Rajah, the elephant. My son loves elephants. What a delightful story.”

I’m glad I bid on Anne’s lovely wreath. I will enjoy it every time I look at my door for the next few months. Partly, I enjoy that it gave me an opportunity to affirm Anne, her gifts, her commitment. Winning that bid has been a total blessing for both of us.


Don’t forget I have a new book. “Rajah Finds His Wisdom: Using Our Differences Wisely.” We launch “Rajah” in Napanee is this Saturday. Come see Lois, the illustrator and me. We’ll have homemade cookies! My friend made chocolate chip oatmeal. I made gluten free shortbread.  Enjoy our stories and the cookies. Buy one, two or more books. They make great gifts. Talk with us. Be a blessing for us as we hope to be a blessing for you.

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  • Sylvana Spatz
    November 23, 2022 - 9:26 pm · Reply

    Hello Janet, Im inspired by your writing and would like to purchase 2 of your Rajah finds his wisdom books
    Please include the total $$ so I can send it through E transfer

  • Janet Stobie
    November 24, 2022 - 12:57 am · Reply

    First, my dear sisters thank you for your comment and your support. Our family is wonderful.
    Sylvana, I thoroughly enjoyed being at the Spiritualist Service Sunday evening. Thank you so much for your kind words. And thank you for ordering two copies of Rajah. I have sent you an email with the details you requested. Blessings Janet

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