Spring is coming! I may still pull on my long underwear, winter coat and hat but I can feel it. The days are lengthening. My fingers are itching to sift through the richness of soil warmed by the sun. The buds have burst on the tree outside my window. Everywhere sprouts are pushing through the still chilly soil, bravely reaching up for the warmth the joy of new life. We are surrounded by resurrection, yet like Mary in that garden long ago, our eyes are blurred by our tears. This spring we could easily miss the wonder and joy of our earth’s resurrection.

Easter Sunday is over. For most of us it was different this year. Covid 19 has brought fear and hardship. Our family gatherings and church gatherings were on Zoom or Skype or whatever other technology we could muster. We stretched our arms wide to gather in our loved ones without the comfort of touch. We still cannot see the end of Covid 19. The prediction is weeks, months, possibly even a year and more.

Yet new life is here, and not just the new life outside my window. Easter Saturday, new life literally entered our home in the form of great grandson Riley. He surprised us by arriving a month early, just in time for Easter. In my arms Riley is a tiny fragile bundle of life, God’s amazing creation. My heart fills with wonder, tears blur my eyes, as I gaze at his tiny sleeping face. I laugh when he smiles. What are his dreams?

Yes, Easter Sunday may be over, but new life surrounds us even as Covid 19 continues. Resurrection has happened and is happening and will continue. We may not yet see the end of social isolation and job loss but new life is with us. Jesus said, “Blessed is the one who has not yet seen, and yet still believes.” We can believe. We can trust that new life will come. Covid 19 will pass. Transformation of our world will happen. We can receive and live the blessing of belief in God’s love for us. Thanks be to God.

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