Reading Rev. Wilson’s reflection on a retirement party took me back to my own celebration in 2009. I remember being surrounded by family and friends. In some ways their kind words about the good things they had experienced with me felt like a funeral eulogy. The difference was I was alive and present to receive their blessings.

Since that day, my husband Tom declares that I failed retirement. He says, I’m still working, doing pulpit supply and writing and selling my books. With the launch of book number ten, “Rajah’s Finds His Wisdom”: Used Wisely Our Differences Can Become Precious”, it appears he is right. The reality is that writing and ministry are not work for me. I love it. Actually, with all five careers I have had, there has been very little work. I remember responding to my friends efforts to get me to slow down with, but I love ministry. It’s not really work.

For sure there were tough times, but the bottom line was I loved my job. There is a saying: “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Several people have been given the responsibility for coining that sentence, including Confucius. Regardless of who said it first, there is a tremendous amount of truth in that sentence for me.

Today as I watch my grown-up grandchildren begin their careers, each one very different, I am truly grateful that they too, seem to have chosen to follow their passions. When asked about their work I get the same response from each one:  “I love my job.” What a blessing to have been so wise at the beginning of their adult lives.

As I write this I’m hoping  that you receive as much pleasure in your reading of my books as I have had in the writing. Rajah Finds His Wisdom is no exception. Retirement – not yet. Maybe someday I’ll try again.



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