September 2, Day 4

God leads. We’re asked only to follow.

Quality Inn & Suites, Sault Ste Marie ON
Quality Inn & Suites, Sault Ste Marie ON

This morning we were on the road again and we’ve had another good day. Tonight we are settled into our room at Quality Inn and Suites in Sault Ste Marie. This is a lovely hotel and reasonably priced. The pool is beautiful as you can see in the picture. We enjoyed the hot tub too.

Because this was a travelling day we made it a book day as well. We stopped at United Church’s here and there. Once again we started out a little late and so missed many of the morning office hours.

We had two very special stops today. The United Church at Blind River had afternoon office hours but we arrived shortly before noon. We drove by the church just in case Pastor Paul happened to be in his office early. The lights in the church hall were on and there was a van parked outside. Surprised and pleased we parked our loaded down Prius behind it. Once inside we were enveloped with friendly greetings from a group of special adults who were part of a day program run by Christian Horizons. Steph was in the kitchen cooking lunch.

“We’re having corn on the cob,” he said. “There’s a couple left. Would you like some?”

Who would turn down corn on the cob in northern Ontario? “Thank you, yes please,” we said.

Everyone at the table laughed and made room for us. Turned out Pastor Paul wasn’t there. This group led by Serge from Christian Horizons gather every other week at St. Andrews United Church in Blind River for lunch and more. We met everyone. When I gave Serge my card he told the group I was a writer and motivational speaker. Tyrell, who is training to be a motivational speaker, volunteered to speak to all of us. He spoke clearly and well about how important it is to be yourself. Natasha also had lots to say and Sarah too.

“Send me an email,” Serge said. “Maybe we can arrange to have you come and speak to us.” When I shared a gift of my CD A Child Speaks, he said “We’ll take your CD back to our residence so everyone can hear it. Thanks so much.”

What a wonderful enthusiastic group, a fabulous treat for Tom and me. The corn was scrumptious too. Best of all was the generous hospitality. God was surely in this place.

The second stop that was particularly special was at Willow Grove United Church. Once again we received a warm welcome. Their minister Rev. David took the time to listen as I told about my books. He  shared about his life and work, as well. He is an accomplished musician who plays a multitude of instruments, a most interesting man. In the end he bought 4 different books and talked about ordering more for his study group.

Tonight I am aware that God is truly leading us as we stop here and there on our western journey. It’s fun meeting all these wonderful people.

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