Snail Mail, A Precious Gift

An Ancient tradition - A precious gift.

The other day, my friend informed me on the phone that she has sent valentine’s to all her grandchildren via Canada Post. My first thought was, why didn’t I think of that. I love receiving snail mail. Even though most often all I find waiting in my mailbox are flyers and advertisements, Tom or I trudge across the street with our key ready, always filled with hope. Now you’re probably thinking, February 11th is a little late for mailing valentines even locally. Valentine’s Day is a time of speaking words of love and friendship, for sure, but we don’t need a special day to say these words.

We send emails and make phone calls, but there is something special about receiving a letter or card via Canada post. Maybe as the Covid 19 lockdown is lifting a little for some of us, we could try a little something new that is really very old. Let’s send a letter or card via snail mail to the people we love. Consider their surprise and pleasure. We read an email maybe once. They are short and to the point. A letter can be read many times. It can be saved and read later. In today’s crazy world we believe our time is valuable. A handwritten letter is a mighty valuable gift. My same friend sent me a copy of one of the letters I had written her way back in 1977. She had been searching through some boxes and found it. “That letter written so long ago touched her heart even more today. A posted letter is a simple thing and yet a precious gift.

Many of us have been serving God during the lockdown by caring for our neighbours and that is good and wonderful. In 2021 I suggest we add sending handwritten letters, and homemade cards to our loved ones, friends and neighbours as part of our caring. You might even print off one of those thousands of pictures on your computer and tuck it in along with your words. Yes it takes time. more time than a quick email but just picture the surprise on your friend’s face when they reach into their mailbox and pull out your letter. Maybe your card will be put in the place of honour on the fridge.

Loving our neighbour doesn’t have to require something huge and burdensome. A posted letter is such a simple thing and yet it is a precious gift.

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  • Tom
    February 11, 2021 - 5:06 pm · Reply

    Love it, Jan. I am glad we tackled this as a shared project. Now I have to try to sistain the momentum which comes to me a little less easily

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