Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Sun is pouring in the plane window. It has to be the middle of the day but my body feels like it’s deepest night. I finally slept for an hour or maybe two. Not enough my body is screaming. Yet sleeping sitting up is very difficult for me. It will be ten p.m. Tuesday (I think), Johannesburg time when we arrive. The eight hour time difference is not going to keep me awake. Of that I’m sure.

Once again, I have a lovely lady sitting beside me. Leslie is from England and is coming to South Africa to visit family. This plane is stuffed full and yet is extremely quiet. The screen on the seat back says we have 5 hours and 50 minutes flying yet. Through the plane window, I can see a brown ocean beneath the whispy clouds – the Sarah Desert. It’s just not clear enough for a picture.

So far, today’s addition to the world’s joy is Leslie and our chuckles over space, food, even our politics. I desperately needed this blinding sunshine. It’s bringing heat and summer to me through the plane window. There is positive energy here on this plane. Strangers visit, laugh and sympathize. Cabin crew smiles and accommodates. We are blessed.

I may be an exhausted snowbird but I am a snowbird. Hallelujah! As Ann Murray sings, “Spread your tiny wings and fly away”. And of course you know that if I could I would bring you all to fly away with me. Mind you Dave, Joanne and Jenna might be overwhelmed.

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