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A Tribute to Grandparents

My submission to Author’s Showcase has been accepted and posted. I’m excited about people in Britain reading my story. In addition, they added an advertisement about my new book, Rajah Finds His Wisdom. The Showcase is featured on Fred’s blog which is organized by Robert from the United Kingdom. I heard about the Author’s Showcase from one of my fellow writers who has also submitted a story.

My story titled “A Letter to Grandma and Grandpa, is intended as a tribute to all the Grandmas and Grandpas of this world who have done their best to share their love and wisdom with their grandchildren and great grandchildren…read more by clicking on the following link:

A Letter… by Janet Stobie (


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  • Linda Albert
    September 2, 2022 - 5:02 pm · Reply

    What a great letter writer you are. I felt like I was there as the story was being told. Many Blessings to you for your gift of sharing.

  • Janet Stobie
    September 3, 2022 - 3:07 am · Reply

    Hi Joan and Linda, Thanks so much for your comments. I think we Grandparents have such a valuable role in the lives of our grandchildren. Our main role is to love them and to show by our living our caring for others. On top of that, it’s just plain fun to enjoy them with little responsibililty. That’s their parents job. Yay!!!! Blessings Janet

  • Janet Stobie
    September 3, 2022 - 11:29 pm · Reply

    Hello Jan
    Congratulations on having your touching, wonderful letter/story
    accepted and posted with the Author’s Showcase! Excellent!!
    Now another part of the world can enjoy your work!
    So exciting!!
    Love and support always,
    Bev xo

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