Super Bowl 2020

I don’t normally write “rants”. This time, I have no choice. If you have an opinion, please comment.

What Has Happened?

Last Sunday, I joined with many Canadians to watch the Super Bowl. It has been years since I saw a football game. We streamed the game through an app on a cell phone. That alone was new and interesting. We had fun munching and watching. Having heard that the half-time show would be spectacular, I awaited it with anticipation.

                And spectacular it was, with music, dancers, even fireworks. Yet I was troubled when it was over. I thought we had moved past women as sex objects, but I see no other way to describe this 2020 extravaganza. For sure, both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira can sing and dance, but their songs were not the primary message. When a man did appear on stage his body was totally covered, head to toe, his dancing and singing only that of dominance.

                 I turned to my eighteen-year-old granddaughter and said, “I thought we’d moved past women as sex objects.” She laughed at me. “Oh Grandma, it’s worse now for women than it ever was.”

                What happened? My generation worked so hard for women’s rights, and for respect. It feels as if the generation after me thought that the work was done. Now our grandchildren have to start all over again.

                When I listened to the CBC report on the half time show, I heard “some are saying this was the best ever Super Bowl half-time show. If this is the best we have to offer in 2020, we are definitely in need of God’s help.

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