“Surely God is in this place.”

August 31   Day Two

We have had a wonderful day. August’s last day has been fabulously hot, a day to relax. We slept in till 8 a.m. My morning prayer time talked about the United Methodist tradition of “Holy Conferencing”, listening to words of faith from the perspective of others so we can grow in our own faith. That’s what we do when we go to church, discussion groups or just in everyday conversations. God has provided those everyday opportunities for me today.

God began with a morning of conversation with Sharon and Tom. Our words ranged from family events to politics and back. I was reminded once again of the blessing of my birth family. We keep contact by email but enjoying one another’s actual presence is amazing. I felt my love and gratitude deepen as we talked. Sharon is sweet and sincere and wonderful.

We walked to the mall for a little shopping after lunch. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a bottle of wine. We had a good conversation with the clerk so I gave her my business card. She read it and said, “You’re a Rev. You must give hugs. I need one.” She walked into my arms for a long hug. As we left the store my sister said, “Guess that’s why we went in there.” I agreed. I pray to be God’s blessing for others and that was a totally concrete example of answered prayer.

Back at the apartment we went for a swim. I swam across and back our end of the lake. Superb!!! As I climbed out I said a prayer. Thank you God for the lake, for family, for my life. Thank you that once again I can walk to the store and swim a little distance. Thank you for the blessing of renewed health.

We sat on the shore and talked with Sharon’s friends. Our conversation was fun as they welcomed Tom and I into their group. It was obvious to me that this group loves and cares for one another. I was reminded of the value of close friends. That message was emphasized as we sat down to a supper of yummy meat loaf, homemade spaghetti sauce, provided by yet another of Sharon’s friends.

Tonight I am thinking like Jacob in Genesis 28:16, “Surely the Lord is in this place…” It feels like God has been speaking with me all day long. I am grateful.

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