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October 10

God does hold us just as the trees are holding this evergreen.
God does hold us just as the trees are holding this evergreen.

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How do I describe this journey today – beautiful, spectacular, fabulous, brings tears to my eyes. Last night on Facebook I received a picture of an autumn scene. The leaves were so brightly colored leaves that someone asked, “Is this real or has the color been enhanced? Today we drove through the real thing. Trees dancing in the wind wearing their best satins and silks, covered both sides of the road, the hills ahead and behind us with reds, yellows, oranges, greens, broken only by rock cuts, and shining blue lakes, miles and miles and miles of beauty. As we drove I heard God speaking with love, “My creation is so precious. It is my gift to you. Please care for my beautiful trees and lakes. They give you life. Cherish them.” This bounty is etched in my memory. My heart is filled with “awe and gratitude” tonight.

We arrived in Sault Ste Marie in time to meet with Sylvia Stobie, a possible relative. Sylvia is interested in genealogy. She’s been following our journey on my Facebook blog and wondered if Tom had any new information about the Stobie clan. She’s also an active church member and wanted my books for her library and ministry. We had a great conversation.

At Swiss Chalet, our waitress placed a young family at the table next to us. Tom and I enjoyed what he calls “a grandchildren fix”. Two lovely little girls and a toddler kept us entertained while we ate our supper. They were delightful. God is truly good to us.

Now, we’re back at the hotel. That’s another whole story. We finally received our free night at a “Choice” hotel although it wasn’t our choice. It doesn’t have a swimming pool, or hot tub or sauna. It does have a comfy chair for both of us. It’s taken six nights in a choice hotel and several phone calls to gain enough points for free night. The advertisement says two nights gain you a free night. When we called “Choice rewards” to book this one, we asked for a room at the Quality Inn and Suites in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada. Oh yes, the voice on the phone said. You’ve earned a free night there. Here’s your confirmation number. Your room is reserved. Five minutes later we walked into the Quality Inn and Suites and discovered every room was already taken. None had been reserved for us. The desk clerk phoned Comfort Inn just in case that was where we were booked and we were. So here we are. They tell us the room costs $50.00 more with fewer amenities. At this point we weren’t about to argue. But tonight I warn everyone who reads this. The Choice Privileges membership is frustrating, difficult to use and does not advertise truthfully.

Still we’ve had a wonderful day. We’re blessed abundantly. We’re grateful.

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