October 19, 2023

Are You Contagious? Today my book of reflections for teens introduced me to “National Smile Day.” Smiles and laughter are the good medicine of life. A smile is contagious. One smile leads to another and spreads from person to person like wildfire. If I listen carefully, I can even hear a smile in someone’s voice….

May 15, 2021

May 11, I worked up the soil under my front window, added some compost, tucked tiny annual flowers into the chilly soil. Night came. I tarped my precious garden in case of frost. Too early. I know the gardener’s rule for my part of Ontario: no planting annuals before May 24th, or better yet, June…

October 24, 2020

Most of us aren’t focused on searching for God. Yet, as we live our lives, occasionally God breaks through our busyness, our daily routine and we stop and stand very still, mesmerized by a rainbow stretched clear across the sky, or a tiny flower waving alone in the breeze. A crying toddler wraps tiny arms…


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