December 28, 2022

Stories can bring joy, comfort and learning. Today, I offer you this story from my newest short story collection, “Breakthrough Moments”.  Hospitality is a major Biblical theme. Sometimes God calls us to welcome people into our home and into our hearts.  Afterward we discover that we have welcomed angels and even the Christ child himself….

August 13, 2022

Friendship Yesterday, I officiated at the funeral for my friend Dorothy Woodcock. It was a privilege and an honour and also very difficult. After my divorce I was needing some single friends. I believe God led me to the Lindsay Christian Singles Club, and to Dorothy and Arlene. We became a threesome and we’ve maintained…

August 10, 2021

    The Ride Our community thought Val was odd. Black lips and nails, brightly striped knee highs, black skirt and coat, greasy graying hair straying in the wind, all she lacked was the pointed witches hat. Often mocked, sometimes feared, adults mostly ignored Val as she hobbled along the streets of our small town….


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