December 28, 2022

Stories can bring joy, comfort and learning. Today, I offer you this story from my newest short story collection, “Breakthrough Moments”.  Hospitality is a major Biblical theme. Sometimes God calls us to welcome people into our home and into our hearts.  Afterward we discover that we have welcomed angels and even the Christ child himself….

April 17, 2022

Today my heart is crying for the people of the Ukraine. Feelings overwhelm me: helplessness as an individual, guilt for the gratitude of being Canadian. I fear that someday, such chaos and destruction could happen here. And of course, I pray. I desperately want God to do something. I feel as if my pleas are…

July 1, 2021

More and more people these days are learning to love poetry. Poets tell their stories by painting a series of vivid pictures with words. They stir our souls, our memories, our imaginations, challenging us to new thoughts and ideas. This past week, I bought Sylvia Fiorita Smith‘s new and first poetry book. I value Sylvia…

February 2, 2021

For the last month, Tom and I have been learning about Youtube and I-movie editor. Our goal was to make a video and upload it to my Youtube channel. The learning curve felt as steep as climbing the Rockies. We did our best to get it done on our own. Once again, we are aware…


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