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Thanks to everyone who commented on my latest blog, “Who do you see the glass.”  Yes, I’m very aware that we need to remember to be grateful for our glass. In fact, today, I was doing a book signing at Chapters in Peterborough. I sold heaps of books which was wonderful. I am exhausted. Before I started the day, I had this conversation with God.

“Dear God, I really wish you would just sell these books for me.  After all, it’s your message that “Fireweed” carries. It was your idea to write the book.”

When I got home, exhausted and in pain from standing for four hours. My back still does not respond well to standing. I am aware that I need to be grateful that I can stand, grateful that I have written a wonderful book that people enjoy reading, and grateful that it is an amazing Christmas present.

Tonight, as I worked on yet another chapter of my next book, I know that when this my second order of 500 copies of “Fireweed” are sold, I will just order another 500. Obviously, I’m called to write. That’s what comes when you listen for Gods will in your life.

If you’re buying gifts for Christmas, please consider buying a copy of “Fireweed” for ages 13 to 105 or a copy of Spectacular Stella for ages 2-10. Just go to or if you live near Peterborough, give me a call  at 705-340-9084. Both books have a bit of a Christmas theme, and both talk about God’s love for us. God’s blessings to you all. Janet Stobie

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