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This morning, my heart is filled with gratitude for our hydro workers. Although Tom and I have experienced the inconvenience of no hot water and no electricity for Saturday and Sunday. We worried about the food in our freezer and our fridge. Compared to many, the storm has hardly touched us. When I think carefully about it, we are fine. Not so fine are our hydro and emergency workers and their families. Their holiday weekend dissolved into long, long work hours. The extra income may have its advantages, but also brings exhaustion, loss of shared family time, and possible danger. The wail of sirens heralded the urgency of emergency responses. Downed live power lines require skill and diligence to be restored safely. So this morning, I am grateful for their effort and for the sound of heat in my house.

At the same time, my heart grieves for the trees we have lost. When I drive through the city and countryside, whole trees are uprooted, huge limbs broken. Our trees keep this planet alive and well. They clean our air, provide homes and shelter for many creatures, feed us and others. We need our trees.

Of course, many have a mess to clear. A friend emailed this morning, telling me of the co-operation and caring among neighbours who together helped clear trees and branches. One even retrieved a canoe and Muskoka chair blown across the bay. Storms destroy. but they bring us together.

This morning there is much for which to be grateful. We are truly blessed.

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