The Birds & Chipmunks Can Do It?

I looked out my wonderful window today, to see this amazing demonstration of living together in peace and harmony. We’ve had the chipmunk before but never the brown pigeon. The pain, destruction, violence, hatred that is running rampant in the Middle East was already preying on my mind. If we could only learn from God’s beautiful creation.

In my backyard, I see everyday occurrences of what the Bible describes as “the lion laying down with the lamb” when God’s kindom comes to pass. This scene makes it look so easy and yet we know it isn’t easy. Somehow, we can’t seem to take into our beings the fact that God’s way is acceptance, acceptance of all people, all creatures.

To welcome the many Moslems among us does not mean that our Christian faith is diminished. What is does mean is that we are learning to live as Jesus taught, “to love one another as we love ourselves.” As United Church Christians, to welcome people of other denominations, of our faiths, does not diminish ours. In fact we gain strength from sharing what we believe and listening to what others believe. In many cases, we learn so much from their slightly different understandings of God.

To welcome people who are different in race, color, economic status, gender identification or whatever, to welcome people who are different gives us an opportunity to live our faith. Isn’t that amazing.

The wonderful window in my study opens my eyes and heart to so many gifts from God. I am truly blessed. I encourage you to open your eyes, to the beauty of nature at this time of year. Look for the messages that God is offering you. Soak them in like a sponge. They will bring you “Good News of Great Joy for all People.”

                     Have a wonderful day!!!  Each day is truly a gift from God.


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