The Creek

I wrote this poem while attending the Keene United Church worship service held at Larryland in July. I didn’t take a picture of the creek/river at Larryland. I promise you it looks somewhat like this picture and is just as lovely. I’m not a poet, but my time at Larryland opened me to God’s inspiration. When I copied my poem into the blog program, the lines came out double spaced and I don’t know how to change it. Maybe this crazy format will enable you to read slowly, stopping to picture the scene. Enjoy!

The Invitation


rushes by,

Ripples sparkle, dance

Carrying the invitation

Play with me.


Tree’s, tall grasses,

Even the rocks,

Are calling me.

God’s peace is here.


Breathe deeply

Receive God’s healing

For just this hour

Soak in beauty.


We’re one with God.

Stop, rest, smile,

Open your eyes

To truly see.

Give thanks!

For precious moments,

To hear, to touch,

To taste this place

To worship God.

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