The Journey Begins

We’re packed and ready.  It’s been snowing all day.This afternoon, I looked out the window,  smiled and tucked t-shirts and capri pants into my suitcase. By Tuesday night, we will be enjoying South Africa’s 30 degree Celsius weather. This must be how our Canadian snowbirds feel. As Tom says, “when we go South in the winter, we truly go “South”. With the new regime governing our neighbours next door, I much prefer the adventure of “going South” in a place like South Africa.

Yesterday, our granddaughter Jenna’s basketball team from Johannesburg, won the championship for international schools in all of Africa.  We video streamed her games here in Canada. The video was clear and smooth. Jenna is a skilled, graceful team player, a pleasure to watch. This endless technology does have its advantageous.

My plan for this trip is to use technology to bring you along on our adventure in South Africa. I will post a blog and at least one picture each day that internet is available. This way I won’t bore you with a huge pile of pictures and endless dialogue when we get home.

I’ve been thinking about a theme for my blog for this trip. It may change but at the moment I’m considering, “The Butterfly Effect”. Last week, I read in Madeline L’Engle’s book, Glimpses of Grace, that every time a butterfly moves its wing, the effect is felt the world over. Everything we do, every breath we draw, even every time we do nothing, we effect the world.

We have the choice. We can add to the world’s goodness, beauty and joy, or NOT. On the back of my business card is written, “I can choose to add joy to the world.” For me the operative words are , I Can Choose. As I travel, I will endeavor to notice moments when Tom, myself or someone else makes that choice for goodness.

As we prepared for this journey, my daughter and granddaughter here in Peterborough added to the world’s joy by coming over to give us hugs goodbye. At the same time they promised to shovel our drive while we are gone. We are truly blessed.

I hope you enjoy my trip – words and pictures, I’m sure that Tom and I will have a wonderful time. Travel and seeing family are both privileges and we are truly grateful.

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