The Loving Power of Prayer

Written April 7 at 5:a.m.

Today, and the next two months require prayer in our family. They are and will continue to be a lesson in trusting God. Actually, every day of our lives requires trust – a mountain of trust for all of us. Today I am acutely aware that I need to trust in God. Today our great-grandson and his mama are flying to Tokyo. It’s a trip of compassion, for sure. It’s been a year and a half since our lovely granddaughter-in-law has been with her precious family. They’ve had facetime, yes, but technology can never replace the strength and beauty of human touch. We’ve had so many hours of holding our wee grandson while he slept, feeling the warmth, the peace and the trust of his tiny body cuddled against ours. So many times we have scooped him up and hugged him close in laughter and tears. We’ve felt his little arms reach up and pull us close in greeting. We’ve been so overwhelmingly blessed. I’m thrilled today to share him and his mama with his Japanese family.

Yet for me their journey is long and fraught with the risks of travel especially during Covid 19. I must trust, trust in God’s love for them, trust in God’s care for them and trust in God’s desire to bring them joy. Today and everyday they are gone. I will surround them with my prayers of love.

I’m requesting that all my readers do the same. They will need strength, wisdom and above all trust in God, for whatever this journey brings. I am asking for a world of love and laughter to surround them. May they be mindful of God’s love that comes to them through others. May they soak in the love of their Japanese family. May they travel in the safety of God’s loving arms.

Today and always, I give thanks for our loving God, for friends and family who care, and for the loving power of prayer.

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