The United Church – I’m Glad I’m a Member

September 9 Day 11    #travel

Today started slowly. We were staying in Saskatoon for a second night, so why rush. The extra sleep was good. We spent most of the day visiting United Churches and promoting and selling Fireweed  and Dipping Your Toes. Sales were very good. The best part of the day were the wonderful warm welcomes we received at each church. I love our United Church. No matter where you go, if you stop at the United Church during office hours, you can depend upon being received with enthusiasm, and respect. Writing my books is pure joy. Selling them is much harder. Today everyone made it easy. The second thing I learned is that the United Church presence in Saskatoon is vigorous and faithful. The combined outreach to the community is quite amazing. If our congregations here have a lot of grey hair they are certainly not slowing down. There is lots of community outreach and mission and education happening in Saskatoon at least. It’s obvious that the hands and feet of Christ are very active.

By four most of the church offices were closed for the day and we were both tired. My chauffeur, although an enthusiastic teammate, found driving all day in a strange city exhausting. We decided to take a friends suggestion and go the Wanuskewan Native Spiritual Centre. We felt the Creator’s peace descend upon us as we drove down the long entrance laneway. It closed at 4:30 so we had only a few minutes to roam the grounds. We used that time to sit and walk in silence and soak in God’s presence. It truly is God’s sacred ground.

Wanuskewan Spiritual Centre - This bear looks out over all who enter.
Wanuskewan Spiritual Centre – This bear looks out over all who enter.

We returned to last night’s restaurant, Sardinian, for a second delicious meal. Now, we’ve collapsed in our hotel room. I’m not sure whether we will even go for a swim. I opened my computer and saw an email saying I had purchased an American Airlines flight out of Houston on September 18th for $600. That woke we up in a hurry. I called American Airlines. The agent I talked to was very helpful. That’s a phishing scheme she said. Don’t open it. Just delete it. I checked my credit card accounts to make sure I hadn’t been charged. I haven’t. I am certainly grateful for the airline agents help.

Making this journey with my heart open to God is wonderful. It is certainly keeping me focused on the good things in life. Have a good night’s sleep everyone. Talk to you again tomorrow night.

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