They’ve Arrived!!!! Seven days to Launch!!!   is your link. Tickets  are free. Don’t forget to click the blue square to register.

Just days til Nov. 28 and launch day. Feels like this book launch is as involved as a launch at Cape Canaveral without the risk. Follow the link above to learn and experience two kinds of biblical storytelling AND get introduced to Breakthrough Moments. AND have a chance to win one of Linnea’s CD’s and one of my other books.

Yay!!! The books are here. They’re beautiful. I’m already delivering,  If you want an autographed copy best place your order soon.  Once again, here’s the link for the launch: Tickets are free. Don’t forget to click the blue square to register. See you Saturday.

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  • Alexis Phillips
    November 29, 2020 - 1:11 am · Reply

    Your Book Launch zoom meeting was wonderful! I loved hearing you tell a story. For anyone who missed it, try to take time to watch the recording. Congratulations, Jan, on your 9th book!

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