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O God, help me rest in your peace today.

During this advent week of peace, let’s begin each day seeking God’s peace for our individual lives. To be a channel of God’s peace for others, we need to know at least a little of God’s peace for ourselves.

Each day, we wake with our minds full of all the things we must do, all the people we must worry about, all the problems that surround us as individuals and as part of the world. A little stress is good. A lot of stress can be debilitating.

Today, take a few moments to imagine handing over to Jesus, each task that lies ahead, each loved one about whom you are concerned. Pass them into God’s hands one at a time. Feel the weight on your shoulders lift just a little.  Let’s exhange our worries for God’s peace. We can trust if only for a few minutes or an hour. Each time the flood of worries, the chaos returns, stop, take a deep breath and hand them over in your imagination once again. Ask God to open you to God’s gift of peace.

Then keep your mind, heart, eyes open to see and receive the triggers of peace God has sent to you. Give thanks.

This is your goal for today, walk with this prayer “O God, help me rest in your peace today. Thank you.

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