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Practicing Peace Requires Patience

Two weeks ago, a young man followed me home in order to yell at me. His message: Driving under the speed limit on a city street in a residential neighborhood had inconvenienced him. I was not considerate of other people.

I don’t know how long he followed me driving under the speed limit but it couldn’t have been more than five minutes in total.  I apologized for his inconvenience and hurried my 13 year old granddaughter into the house and locked the door.

Her response was, “If he’s in that big a hurry, why did he take the time to follow you home and harass you.”

My thought was, “The speed limit is a maximum not a minimum. These streets are full of children. I’d rather not kill one of them.”

In this situation, Peace required patience on my part since the young man had left his patience behind.

When we’re praying for a world peace, we need to practice patience in our own lives. Whether we’re driving, standing in line, listening to others, on the job or at leisure, build an aura of peace in your life.

Pray for patience.  Practice patience.

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