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What I Do Is Important to God

Yesterday I read a newspaper interview with Louise Penny, the well-known author of the Inspector Gamache Mystery Series. I hadn’t written my “Thought for the Day” before leaving home and I wondered if it mattered anyway. After all, I am only a self-published author, not a Louise Penny. I’m not well-known nor important in this world. It was easy for my mind to slip from that thought to why do I bother to do this anyway.

This morning I woke up determined to write today’s thought even though we are visiting with friends, and I have lots of excuses to skip doing it. I believe God has called me to write just as God has called me to do little acts of kindness every day, to love my family, to be God’s blessing in the world.


A Caring Touch

God has not called me to judge the effectiveness of my writing or any of my acts of faith. God reserves that right. God only asks me to respond to this world with goodness and love using the gifts God has given me.

Today I offer you this thought. Whatever goodness you endeavour to do today, whether the action is part of your work, or play or something extra, that action is important to God. It may be your smile, your washing of a coffee cup, your loonie given to a homeless person, your opening of a door –  TRUST – that God needs your action done today to accomplish God’s purpose. This is your mantra for today:



The Hand of Friendship

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