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Fill Every Corner of Your Life with Love.

Washing dishes, vacuuming, changing a tire, taking out the garbage, cleaning the toilet – do every task with love. Even tasks that feel like they are just for you – taking a shower, cutting your nails – can be done with love. Sunday morning while Tom had a shower, I made the bed. It wasn’t that I particularly wanted the bed made.

In fact I knew we were both tired and would probably crawl back into it for a nap after church. Why then did I do it? For me, it was an expression of love for Tom. Order in his life when he was hurrying off to choir practice would help him find peace. We work as part of a team. He had made breakfast while I enjoyed my morning prayer time. Done with love, this tiny task was accomplished quickly and easily. I barely noticed the doing of it.

Insignificant tasks, performed with love, become precious gifts for God. It’s just that simple. Today, as you go about your daily routine, your day of work, your day of leisure, do each task with love, for others or yourselves. Offer up to God a prayer of gratitude as you work, gratitude for having this job to do, gratitude for being able to do it, and gratitude for life. 

As Christmas approaches

fill every corner of your life with LOVE.

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