Thought for the Day – Goodness Exists in Abundance


This past week our news media has focused on the horrendous wildfire in Fort McMurray, “the Beast”. The stories of the evacuation and the calm and caring that happened in the midst of what could have been absolute panic and terror, speak volumes about the basic goodness in human beings in general and Canadians specifically. People can rise to the occasion. People are full of goodness. God has created us with that ability.

During  conversations with Fort McMurray residents and reporters, I heard affirmations of the city’s emergency response team as giving strong leadership with a wise plan.  There was also endless praise for the bravery and skill of firefighters as well. In my mind, it’s these two aspects of leadership in an emergency that enable people to be the best they can be. It’s hard to believe that 90,000 residents could be evacuated in the midst of a fire storm, and have no casualties. Some people would say, “Only in Canada.”

Now, the rest of our nation are following this leadership example by responding with help. Beginning with our Canadian government, and our nation of strong caring individuals, resources are being gathered. The residents of Fort McMurray are not alone in this disaster. Our nation is behind them.

We don’t always respond as readily. I could complain about those times but not today. Today it’s important to affirm the goodness we see. Maybe it was our universal fear of fire, maybe it was the kind of media coverage given, whatever the reason, this horrific event is showing us Canadians at our very best. I am grateful.

Thank you God for your goodness that has risen from the ashes of this disaster.

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