I am clay. I will choose the God of Hope as my potter.(Isaiah 64:8)

The Bible uses the metaphor of God as the potter with us as the clay. The metaphor breaks down when we consider that the clay has no choice in the potter’s skillful hands. As human clay we have choices. We can totally turn our minds away from God. We can refuse to bend to the pressure of the potter’s fingertips.

On this last evening of the first week of Advent, our free will as human beings lies uppermost in my mind. Free will is a two-edged sword. Having control over our lives feels good. That same control carries a mountain of responsibilities. We can choose to believe in a God of Hope working through us to create a world of peace and love.  OR  We can choose to believe in a God of chaos, remote, judgmental, or non-existent leaving us helpless in the face of this world filled with violence and hate.

Tonight, I choose the God of Hope. I choose to see the goodness that is shining a light in the darkness of our world. The God of Hope is at work moulding us into masterpieces of love and care for others and for our environment. Today and every day as part of my Christmas preparation, I say yes, to the God of Hope, my potter.

I am clay. I will choose the God of Hope to be my potter.

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