Three ways to strengthen your Canada Day celebrations.


Our family has a fabulous Canada Day tradition. We gather at my son’s to celebrate our oldest grandchild’s birthday. A Canada Day baby she has been our angel since her birth. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our amazing country, than to gather with family to laugh, and play, eat and share, and enjoy the fireworks. When Vanessa was little I’m sure she thought those sparkling lights in the sky were just for her.


Canadians are not particularly openly patriotic, although some of us do fly a Canadian flag in our yard. When we travel to another country we purchase flag lapel pins to give away, or bring along our T-shirt with a moose wearing a tiny Canadian flag. We’re proud to be Canadian but we see no reason to flaunt the fact.

Safe to have fun.
Safe to have fun.

Canada isn’t perfect for sure. Still we know we are blessed to be Canadian citizens. Every time I travel beyond our borders, my love for Canada is reinforced. In my travel’s have seen beautiful countries. I have enjoyed wonderful people. And when I step off the plane onto Canadian soil, I feel the urge to pat the ground, even give it a kiss. I am always glad to return home.

This year do more than enjoy the fireworks. Use your Canada Day celebrations to:

  1. List the wonderful things that make our country special. Set aside your complaints and criticisms. Forget about being humble. Write them down and soak them in.
  2. Make appreciating Canada a family project. Make a collage with pictures and words to illustrate the beauty of Canada and our citizens. Get everyone’s input – children, parents, grandparents, friends. Hang your collage on the fridge or frame it for your wall.
  3. Give God thanks for our nation. Ask God to give our leaders wisdom and strength. Tell God you want to be a blessing for Canada and her peoples.

This year, make a commitment to be the best Canadian citizen you can be.

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